Try these Delicious Soup Recipes with your Soup Making Machine

Every new soup maker will need a few good recipes to go along with it. It is for that reason that there have been several of them collected below to make things nice and easy for the user. It only takes a few simple steps from start to finish. Try using the Cuisinart Soup Maker Plus to help you get started.

beef stew soupA Great Stew – Start by dicing beef stew meat into bite size chunks. Next, slice fresh mushrooms and carrots into a fourth of an inch slices. And then put a dollop of extra virgin olive oil in the bottom and slide the ingredients in. let them brown for three to five minutes until they all have colour on them. Once that step is completed, add a package of brown gravy mix and additional water. Remember that the water will cook away, so add more than you think you will need. Let it simmer in the soup maker for two to three hours and you will render out a tender yet flavourful meal.

Southern Goulash – Brown a half pound of ground beef, then add onions to brown as well. Add a half can of fire roasted tomatoes and a few cubes of sharp cheddar cheese. Mix in a cup and a half of water and then spoon in some dried elbow pasta to cook. Allow these ingredients to cook for about one and a half hours and you’ll have a delicious bowl of southern goulash. Top with a dollop of sour cream and sliced green onions for even greater appeal and you’re done.

Tuna Casserole Soup – Open a can of tuna kept in water and spoon it in. then add a small can of cream of mushroom soup to the mix. Add a can and a half of water and then a handful of egg noodles also. Allow the mix of ingredients to simmer for about an hour and then you will have a delicious tuna casserole soup. You can top it with fried onions and chive for even greater appeal and crunch.

The Soup Maker Plus and other similar models like the Andrew James Premium Soup Maker can take a wide array of different ingredients and can bring them flawlessly together as one. It is the ultimate way to mix and match ingredients in order to make a cohesive meal. And with special features like browning and sautéing, it means there will only be one item to clean up afterwards. And the non – stick coating means that it will not bake on and cake on leading to hours of soaking time before it can be properly cleaned.

The Soup Maker Plus is the newest and trendiest way to cook. It means that the user will never again have to spend hours slaving over a hot stove. It takes all of the guess work out of cooking, even for the novice cooker. It will even make the perfect gift for a student going away to college or a single person living on their own. There are endless adaptations to consider.

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