Why Heaton, Butler and Bayne? That’s quite a mouthful to say.

Three guys, stern and bearded, that went into business here back in the 1850s designing and manufacturing stained glass. We’re not stern and we don’t do stained glass, just really great food, good wine and awesome cocktails.

Great food, huh? Talk to me. Whats the menu like?
The only thing constant is change, and so our menus change a bit almost every day. We like to keep things short and simple, and try not to over complicate things.

Interesting, so how would one classify the food?
We don’t really believe in labels, but lets say Modern British.

Are the ingredients in the food holy trinity (being local, sustainable and organic, of course)?
We believe in looking after the planet as much as reality and price allows... So sometimes, when the stars align.

Is the (Bread, Stock, Ketchup, ____ fill in the blank here) made in house?
Mostly. We like to get our hands dirty.

Who is the creative culinary mind behind the food?
Our Chef is Jonas Karlsson. He did his time at Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor as Executive Chef, but wanted to take things even further into his own hands. Taking a nudge from his childhood in Sweden, foraging with friends and eating home cured fish, Jonas has created a very unique menu, that we are all rather proud of.

And the important question, is there a bar?
Indeed! We’ve got a counter space on the ground floor that you can eat, drink, and be merry at.

Who designed the space?
A local team called Gundry&Ducker. It’s an airy room with simple details that let us put the focus on what we think matters: Food, Drink and Friends.

Ok, lets say we’re game. Do you take bookings or do we have to queue up forever?
Give us a call at 0207 379 1432 and we’ll do our best to get you a table. You can book online as well, but head up: we often like to hold back a few spots for people who have the courage to actually speak to us.

I’ve got a million friends and I take them with me where ever I go. What is your largest table?
Woot! Friends are awesome! However our largest table fits only 10 people. So count them out on your fingers and pick your favourites.

Sounds like my kind of place! Who is running the show?
It’s a fun mix of people. Over in the cocktail league we have Elliot Cockburn, our local boy (kind of. From England anyway!) spent the last few years between Spuntino & Mishkins. Cedric Chauvet is our wine guy extraordinaire! Hailing from France, Cedric practically has wine running through his veins. Grabbing the reins and keeping it together is Haley Forest. After trading sunny San Francisco for London, she earned her stripes at Polpo (both Soho and Smithfield) and is now making sure you have an experience to remember! Needless to say, we all get on fabulously and are one big family.